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Semiconductor / IP suppliers

Helping suppliers securing their SoC platforms

The ProvenRun team has a long history of supporting major chip vendors with their hardware and software security architectures, leveraging on advanced understanding of security in general and secure OS in particular.

Security-by-design is a combined effort between hardware and software

It is widely recognized that the security of a SoC platform needs to be addressed at the design stage. Designing the security sub-system for a chip requires a high level of cooperation between the hardware and the software and a detailed understanding of the security middleware requirements so as to optimize the overall level of security, the cost and the performance.

Our expertise

ProvenRun’s contribution in those projects includes:

  • Architecture and design of the chip security,
  • Support for selecting the most adequate hardware IP modules to create the necessary hardware foundation for providing security resistance (including root of trust) for identified markets,
  • Support for security key provisioning at the manufacturing line,
  • Development of security firmware (boot loader, secure boot),
  • Integration with our Trusted Computing Base software products (ProvenCore, ProvenCore-M and ProvenVisor)
  • Support for certification,
  • Etc.

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Secure Components

Secure Components

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Security Consulting

Security Consulting

ProvenRun offers security consulting services to help customers answering to the security challenges of their infrastructure of connected devices and ...

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