Internship – Embedded Security Software Development


ProvenRun offers internships to students finishing a Master’s Degree or an equivalent. Our internship program is designed to help us find new recruits who are keen on participating in the growth of our company. As such, we thrive on giving our interns an experience as close as possible to that of being a full-time employee, while making sure that the internship is also a great learning experience.

We are particularly looking for students interested in developing embedded security applications.

You will join a world-leading team in charge of developing highly secure embedded software solutions that leverage our core security products, e.g. our ProvenCore secure OS and our ProvenVisor hypervisor. ProvenCore is the world most secure OS and has received a Common Criteria EAL7 certification which is a world première (EAL7 is the highest level defined by the Common Criteria certification scheme). This showcases the unique security expertise of ProvenRun’s team for delivering highly secure software components such as OSs and hypervisors. 

All internships are between 4 and 6 months long. They usually start in the Spring. However, as a young company, we can be flexible and we may be able to accommodate your schedule. Our internship positions are based either in our R&D Centers of Paris or Sophia Antipolis.


You are fluent in C or Rust and have a working knowledge of ASM. A first experience in the context of low-level embedded software development such as microkernels, embedded applications and device drivers on ARM® Cortex-A, Cortex-M or RISC-V architectures will be appreciated.

An interest in one or more of the following topics will be appreciated positively:

  • Operating systems
  • Hardware architectures
  • Security architectures
  • Applied cryptography
  • Software assurance and certification

You are rigorous, independent and have good interpersonal skills.

You are fluent enough in English to work in an international setting.


All interns will receive the following benefits:

  • Compensation of €1000-1200/month (gross),
  • Daily meal stipends (Tickets Restaurant),
  • For positions at our Paris office: Half of the monthly cost of the Navigo card (the public transportation card in Paris).


We have several open internship positions. Are you interested in joining ProvenRun? Contact us by sending a CV and a cover letter to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.