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Cryptographics services and critical asset management for IoT device makers

IoT device makers need a robust architecture for executing security services as required by their customers. 

They need to support the security requirements as promoted by the major cloud services provider such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) or MicroSoft Azure. There are also major initiatives such as the Platform Security Architecture Certified (PSA Certified) or GlobalPlatform that are taking the IoT industry lead on defining state-of-the-art security requirements for IoT Edge and Leaf devices

Why use ProvEnclave

With ProvEnclave, ProvenRun provides an off-the-shelf solution that can be used by IoT device makers to secure their IoT Edge or leaf devices by providing cryptographic services and critical asset management.



  • State-of-the-art end-to-end security from chip to cloud aligned with major industry initiatives
  • Protects and isolate assets for IoT devices
  • No additional BOM 
  • Leverages on hardware Root of Trust
  • High security assurance level

Supported hardware

ProvenClave is available for selected ARM Cortex-A microprocessors and ARM Cortex-M microprocessors. 

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Security needs to be integrated at the design stage (security-by-design) and embedded in the most effective way wherever it is required in the technical infrastructure. There are many ways to embed security in systems and devices and the selected solution will be the result of a trade-off between cost, security level and performance.

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Trusted Computing Base

Trusted Computing Base

Security engineers define the Trusted Computing Base (TCB) as the set of hardware, firmware and software components that are critical to the security of a system. In order to limit the risk of vulnerabilities, the TCB need to be well identified, as small as possible and made-up of components that can be really trusted.

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