ProvenCore-M for TrustZone on ARMv8-M wins the Embedded Award 2017

ProvenRun is the winner of the embedded award 2017 in the Software category with ProvenCore-M for ARM® TrustZone® technology on the ARMv8-M architecture. The award, granted by an independent jury of experts, pays tribute to especially innovative products or development that are unique and future oriented.

ProvenCore-M for ARMv8-M is a new version of ProvenCore-M, ProvenRun’s next generation of formally proven ultra-secure RTOS, providing a secure layer running in the TrustZone root of trust in ARMv8-M processors such as ARM Cortex®-M23 and Cortex-M33.

  • ProvenCore-M for ARMv8-M allows extended versatility and provides certified security features for sensitive security services running on top of it such as secure boot, firmware update, secure storage, etc.
  • The security properties of ProvenCore-M have been formally proven. This allows ProvenCore-M to be as close as possible to “zero-bugs” and highly resistant to attacks.

ProvenCore-M for ARMv8-M enables chipmakers, devices makers and solution developers to rely on a scalable secured-by-design platform for all IoT devices based on Cortex-M chips compatible with the ARMv8-M architecture.

“The recognition granted to us by this award is a tremendous encouragement,” explains Dominique Bolignano, President and Founder of ProvenRun. “With ProvenCore-M for ARMv8-M, protecting IoT devices against remote attacks will become very simple and integration of the security services with the application environment almost transparent. This will remove one of the major security barriers that the IoT market is facing today.”

“Now that TrustZone technology is broadly available across both MCUs and application processors, it is vital that high-assurance security solutions such as ProvenCore-M are accessible for partners to incorporate into their designs,” said Marc Canel, vice president of security systems, ARM. “ProvenRun’s secure technologies are highly respected in the industry and their recognition at the Embedded World conference is well-deserved.”

About ProvenRun

ProvenRun’s mission is to help its customers resolve the security challenges linked to the large-scale deployment of connected devices and of the Internet of Things by providing cost effective off-the-shelf software solutions that dramatically improve the level of security of connected systems so as to protect them against remote cyber-attacks. Further information can be found at or visit us during the exhibition at Booth 4A-431.