ProvenRun joins Pégase

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ProvenRun has joined the Pégase world competitiveness cluster.

Pégase is an organized network of actors regrouped to identify and realize new growth opportunities for the aerospace industry in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region of France. It is part of the PRIDES (“Pôles Régionaux d’Innovation et de Développement Economique Solidaire” a.k.a. competitiveness and regional innovation clustes for economic development) since 2007.

Pégase brings together more than 200 actors motivated by the development of a new generation of aircraft (drones, airships, stratospheric aircraft …) designed and implemented to perform specific tasks.

Within the Pégase network, there are industrial, research and training organizations but also customers of aircrafts as well as air and space services (eg public safety applications, firefighting …). The network provides them with opportunities for cooperation and as well as support for innovation and growth.