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Customer Support

ProvenRun is committed to providing customers with best-in-class support. Our team of experts, with a diverse set of skills, provide support to help customer achieves their business objectives.

Standard support and maintenance

We provide standard Support Services on our products through email and phone during business hours under standard Service Level Agreements. In addition, ProvenRun can provide upon request dedicated additional support.

Products with long-life cycle

For customers with products that have long life cycle, ProvenRun offers specialized long-term maintenance and services to continue to provide support long after customer devices have been shipped.

Security bulletin

New vulnerabilities are discovered every day, and it is not always easy for devices manufacturers to understand what is at stake when they lack security expertise or time for analysis. The security bulletin is a service where ProvenRun delivers a note about all the new attacks and their impacts on most of the best rated secure OS and Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) available on the market.

Certification maintenance

This offer is proposed as an extension of the security bulletin for the customers having acquired a certification kit for a given platform. It is dedicated to customers that need to maintain the security certification of their product along their life-cycle, 

With this offer, the Risk Analysis to an attack is made by considering the complete system of the customer’s product, not only the ProvenRun product component. This service aims at informing the customer about which actions must be taken to maintain their product at the desired Assurance Level. 

Trainings and workshops

ProvenRun provides trainings and workshops in the fields of security, including cybersecurity analysis, security architecture, operating systems and security certification. Such services are performed by an expert in the domain and can be customized upon request to meet specific needs. Trainings and workshops can be performed within customers’ premise or on our premise.

Please contact us for more details.

Challenge coverage

Security Life-cycle

Security Life-cycle

Security needs to be insured along the full life-cycle of the infrastructure. For connected devices, this means that security requirements need to consider the device commissioning, de-commissioning and that the device software must be updated while in operation.

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