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About us

With the advent of low cost – high bandwidth- low latency connectivity, the increased use of digitization techniques to deliver end-to-end intelligence, many industrial sectors are combining microelectronics and embedded software to deliver real time interactions between the physical and the digital worlds leveraging on complex IT infrastructures of interconnected devices, systems, systems-of-systems, edge and cloud services.

This creates attractive business opportunities for hackers that could exploit the large attack surface exposed by those complex infrastructures to extort money, potentially threatening to remotely cause physical damage to users or surrounding equipment.

ProvenRun’s mission is to provide customers with the Trusted Products and Services that will help them Embed Security within their infrastructure of connected devices wherever this is required, at the chip, device, edge or cloud levels. With our security consulting services and secure-by-design off-the-shelf product solutions, we resolve the security challenges arising from the IoT revolution while dramatically improving the protection against remote cyberattacks.


ProvenRun has been founded by Dr. Dominique Bolignano in 2009, a repeat entrepreneur and seasoned authority of the digital security business. Dr. Dominique Bolignano previous companies Trusted Logic (now part of Thales), Trusted Labs and Trusted Logic Mobility (now Trustonic) have all established leadership positions in their respective sectors.

ProvenRun is staffed with researchers and engineers with key expertise in security architectures, operating systems, formal methods and security certification. Most of the ProvenRun senior expert are industry-recognized experts. They are the originators of key achievements in the digital security arena, and have participated in many world premieres in embedded security (smartcard, mobile security, content protection, banking and financing services, etc.). As an example, Dr. Dominique Bolignano, has invented the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) concept in 2001, which has since then been standardized by GlobalPlatform to become a worldwide standard in mobile security.