Security + Safety in Aerospace & Defense

Security + safety in Aerospace & Defense

In the aerospace domain, both civil or military, safety and security certifications play a crucial role to integrate electronic systems and embed innovations. Objectives may differ between civil and military applications, but one imperative remains: equipment must be operational. The emergence of cybersecurity risks has led to new procedures and certifications. DO-326A emerged as a de facto standard and governs emerging cybersecurity standards. It is already mandatory for FAA, EASA and soon for other authorities:

● First for new aircrafts (helicopters, propellers, engines) or major significant changes

● Military aircrafts not yet addressed by DO-326A

DO-326A is the only Acceptable Means of Compliance by FAA and EASA for aviation cybersecurity airworthiness certification (AMC 20-42). It should be used in conjunction with other applicable aviation security standards, including SAE ARP4754A, DO-178C, DO-254, that cover physical threats, failures and errors.

Scope of airworthiness regulations

ICAO Convention Annex 17, ...

Safety effect

Operational effect

Commercial effect

Physical Threats
Information System Threats

Aviation Security

Airworthiness Security

Activities determined by company risk management, regulations non-airworthiness laws and regulations

Scope of DO-326

Recent technological innovation helped re-evaluate security approaches and include

Security-by-Design from the early stages of development.

Aircrafts: A Connected Architecture and Infrastructure

Use Cases and Applications

Critical embedded systems of an aircraft include instrument landing, meteorological navigation, Gatelink, real-time maintenance, ACARS, engines (and real-time FADEC calculators to control jet engines), global positioning, ADS-B, and flight management.

In new generations of combat aircraft and drones, the increased role of information systems requires advanced tactical coordination on the battlefield. Interoperability and communication security become crucial in a combat cloud.

ProvenCore: Setting the Standard for Secure TEE

ProvenCore stands at the forefront of the most secure Trusted Execution Environments (TEE) available. Unlike typical TEEs that may fall short in addressing the rigorous security requirements of cyber physical systems, ProvenCore is purpose-built to excel in this domain. ProvenCore is more than just a TEE; it’s a tailored solution for cyber-physical systems, where safety and security are paramount.

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