ProvenCore secures ARCHOS’ hardware wallet for crypto-assets

ARCHOS today announces the launch in January 2019 of the Safe-T Touch, the first secure hardware wallet with a touch screen, featuring an Android interface and an integrated services platform, for those who already hold crypto-currencies or who wish to open an account in crypto-assets.

Designed in partnership with ProvenRun, the Safe-T Touch embeds, in addition to a secure element used for protecting cryptographic keys, a secure, transaction-specific execution area, isolated from the Google Android operating system thanks to ProvenCore, an ultra-secure TEE providing an unrivaled level of security and featuring a trusted display.

For more information about the Safe-T Touch please refer to the complete press-release.

About ProvenRun

ProvenRun’s mission is to help its customers resolve the security challenges linked to the large-scale deployment of connected devices and of the Internet of Things by providing cost effective off-the-shelf software solutions that dramatically improve the level of security of connected systems so as to protect them against remote cyber-attacks. Further information can be found at