ProvenRun announces strategic partnership with Kalray to secure manycore architectures

ProvenRun, a leader in embedded security, announces a strategic partnership with Kalray (Euronext Growth Paris: ALKAL), a pioneer in processors for intelligent systems, to bring more security on Kalray’s manycores MPPA™ architectures. This partnership aims to meet the growing security needs of so-called “CPS” (Cyber ​​Physical Systems), e.g. platforms that are in direct interaction with the physical world. As part of this partnership, ProvenRun brings to Kalray a recognized expertise in security architectures and will offer its secure firmware solutions and certified OS to Kalray’s MPPA™ customers for high-end security services.

The rise of artificial intelligence is about to revolutionize markets. Tomorrow’s autonomous cars, future aircraft engines or robots share the same need: access to new CPS platforms to process, via increasingly sophisticated algorithms, an increasing amount of data and functions. These processes must be performed while ensuring that the strict safety and security requirements shared by these different industries are met.

As CPSs become more self-reliant and accountable, the security risks they face or create increase at the same pace. In addition, CPSs must also face a global increase in risks related to the emergence of increasingly sophisticated and especially well funded hackers. CPS designers must address this issue by ensuring that security is integrated into the design of a CPS from the beginning, down to the lowest levels of hardware and software. Merely protecting the perimeter of a CPS, using a firewall for example, is no longer sufficient. This issue is amplified by the constant increase in the level of connectivity available to CPSs with a variety of communication mechanisms both local (WiFi, Bluetooth, V2X, etc.) and remote (LTE, LPWAN, satellite, etc.).

Today’s avionic and automotive platforms do not use the security features as applied, for example, in the computer industry or in the banking sector. According to Frost & Sullivan:

  • “With 85% of vehicles expected to be connected to the Internet by 2020 and more than 50 vulnerabilities per vehicle, cybercrime will pose a real threat to the industry.” Thus, if OEMs are unaware of the cybersecurity aspect, they will compromise their users, risking the value of their brand and will have to answer to their financial and moral obligations.
  • With the digital revolution, modern vehicles are equipped with a high-tech architecture and communication systems that require computer security. “Vehicles today operate millions of lines of code. With an estimate of one security weakness per 1,000 lines of code, this could mean a high risk of being hacked. “

Eric Baissus, Chairman of Kalray’s Management Board: “We are very pleased to partner with ProvenRun to provide our customers with the smart solutions of tomorrow with a very high level of security. ProvenRun’s expertise in security architectures, their secure OS and firmware solutions will enable our MPPA™ intelligent processors to meet the growing needs for high security services. “

Dominique Bolignano, President and Founder of ProvenRun:ProvenRun is pleased to be involved in the development of Kalray and to participate in the success of the MPPA™ platform. This partnership will enable us to combine at best our mutual expertise, share our understanding of the needs of the CPS market and deliver security solutions to meet the most critical security issues.”


ProvenRun’s mission is to help its customers resolve the security challenges linked to the large-scale deployment of connected devices and of the Internet of Things by providing cost effective off-the-shelf software solutions that dramatically improve the level of security of connected systems so as to protect them against remote cyber-attacks. Further information can be found at