ProvenRun joins RISC-V International as a strategic member

RISC-V International is a non-profit organization that supports the free and open architecture of the RISC instruction set and its extensions. Its goal is to contribute to the growth of the RISC-V ecosystem, promoting open community collaboration and visibility of RISC-V successes.

ProvenRun, like many OEMs and chip designers, is convinced of the potential of the RISC-V architecture for embedded systems. By joining RISC-V International as a strategic member, ProvenRun becomes an actor of the technical direction that RISC-V can take, reminding that security is more important than ever. By already providing it’s ultra-secure operating system ProvenCore to the RISC-V architecture (a.k.a Trusted Execution Environment or TEE), ProvenRun express its interest in the RISC-V ecosystem and strengthen it with a secure component for the trusted computing base (TCB) that OEMs and device makers can use to achieve up to the highest level of security certification for RISC-V based products.